Stay clean and green with a new machine!

Industrial floor cleaning just got a whole load safer, healthier and more cost effective with the new range of chemical-free scrubber driers available from BJB Lift Trucks.

Using nothing but clean tap water, innovative technology produces a cleaning solution to effectively remove soil from floor surfaces. It is an ideal product for any company working in fish, seafood and general food processing.

The machines are NFSI certified and could help reduce the risk of slips and falls in your working environment. Because nothing more than tap water is used, it also reduces the need to buy and store chemicals. This has the added benefit of reducing emissions to effluent and waste water drainage systems.

BJB Operations Manager, David Hale said “the ec-H2o machines can really help processors reduces costs and their carbon footprint at the same time. We are so proud of this product that we are offering free demonstrations for anybody contacting us before the 31st August.”