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TCM ForkliftsBJB Lift Trucks is the sole distributor of TCM Forklift equipment for the LN and DN postcode areas.

As part of the TCM Forklift Network, BJB Lift Trucks are able to offer customers the full range of counterbalanced and warehouse related equipment.

Our dynamic sales team are completely customer focussed and believe in listening to the customer’s needs and providing the most intelligent materials handling solutions.

A world-wide leading brand, TCM Forklift range offers reliability, economy, diversity and flexibility – empowering the customer with choice, potential costs savings and peace of mind.

From a Powered Pallet Truck to a 3-wheel electric Counterbalance to a 7 tonne engine lift truck – BJB Lift Trucks and TCM Forklift provide a strong partnership offering unparalleled expertise with sales, service, parts, operator training, health and safety issues, and fleet management.

Looking to the future, BJB Lift Trucks and TCM Forklift are working together to promote the new range of Eco-X diesel and LPG engines. Customers choosing from the Eco-X range will enjoy some of the market’s lowest emission levels and optimal fuel consumption rates. Customers will benefit from improved economy and reduce their carbon footprint impact on the environment.

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Heli Forklift TruckThe robust range of Heli forklift trucks comprises electric, diesel and LPG power options with load capacities from 1,000kg to 10,000kg. A comprehensive choice of mast sizes and types are available for each truck along with a full range of accessories and attachments.

BJB Lift Trucks are proud to be able to offer the Heli range to customers as the Heli wide-view mast units with Duplex, Triplex and Full Free lift configurations capable of lift heights up to 6 metres, provide customers with incredible choice.

Heli forklifts reliability, efficiency and economy make them suitable for a huge range of materials handling applications from factories to farmyards, construction to container ports and wide open spaces to warehouses.

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KalmarHeavy duty jobs call for heavy duty handling equipment. BJB Lift Trucks is now a dealer partner for the Kalmar range along the east coast. With up to 50 tonnes lifting capacity, Kalmar trucks are engineered down to the finest detail to cope with the toughest of demands.

BJB Lift Trucks admires the Kalmar’s ability to easily handle not only tough, demanding situations but, at the same time, have the finesse to manage awkward and fragile loads.

Kalmar’s vast array of forks and attachments, coupled with high quality machines makes this manufacturer a popular choice with many of BJB Lift Truck’s heavy industry clients, particularly those engaged in port operations.

However, Kalmar are not solely focussed on heavy industry equipment. They also produce a fine range of lighter capacity lift trucks where robust design combines with power and dexterity to further enhance the list of options available to customers.
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Hako SweeperHako is the recognised industry leader for making top quality floor care and ground maintenance equipment. Since 1924, Hako have been developing cleaning equipment and associated products to provide customers with a range of cleaners that promote both quality and safety.

BJB Lift Trucks are always willing to demonstrate the efficiency and versatility of the Hako range of models either at our premises or with a free, no-obligation demonstration at customer’s sites.

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BJB Lift Trucks have expertise with many innovative additions which deliver improvements in operator safety, considerable cost savings and greater operational efficiency.

forklift truck upgradesFor the handling of goods in potentially explosive atmospheres, we can modify your equipment with Pyroban® systems. This system protects your operator, your equipment and your environment.

  • We install speed controllers which are programmed to limit the maximum speed of a truck with no resulting loss of hydraulic power or acceleration.
  • Sensors can be fitted which monitor vehicle impact levels, logging details such as operator, time and date of impact for immediate identification of potential cost savings.
  • Electronic engine control systems, such as transmission inhibitors and engine protection systems can be fitted to disable a truck in unsafe conditions such as high oil or coolant temperatures.
  • These electronic control systems can also be linked to specially developed voice modules to provide audible warnings and other messages to operators.
  • Where trucks are at risk of damage from debris from the floor getting sucked up underneath the truck, the under-pan can be customised to provide protection.
  • Full data logging systems can be installed in each truck to help maximise fleet efficiency.
  • Weight indicators and diesel particulate filters are also available.

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