More ladies fork out for training

April 18, 2017 | posted in: BJB NEWS | by

2017 has seen a definite increase in the number of women wanting to learn to drive a forklift truck. At BJB Lift Trucks training centre in Grimsby, there has recently been a noticeable first with an all-female counterbalance novice course. Kristina Beel, Kelly Atkinson and Petya Shopova all decided they wanted to learn a new skill and were prepared to pay for this training themselves. By a quirk of fate, BJB Lift Trucks were able to put all three women on the same course.

This course came hot on the heels of Esme Clucas, who recently opted to learn to drive a forklift for her 18th birthday and Elise McClure who chose International Women’s Day to brush up her driving skills. The modern design of the forklift trucks used in the BJB Lift Trucks training centre makes them easy to operate for both male and female candidates.

It is now hoped that Kristina, Kelly and Petya will be able to use their newly acquired skill to enhance their job prospects in the future. The ladies were all very encouraging and supportive of each other during the week long course and, although they started the week as strangers, they were all firm friends on social media by the end of it!