Going up in the world with BJB

February 11, 2016 | posted in: equipment hire | by

When a customer asked us if we could get them a 48m boom to change some lights the answer was a resounding YES! Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprises were in the process of upgrading their car park lights with more energy efficient LED lamps – the only problem was reaching them.

Working at HeightFollowing a site survey and risk assessment, BJB Lift Trucks sourced a 48m lorry mounted boom which provided the ideal stable platform on the uneven car park surface. Thankfully, the weather conditions on the day were perfect for working at height – if a little chilly.

In addition to providing the equipment, BJB also put the contractors through an IPAF accredited training course to ensure they met the strict safety standards required by GFDE. BJB operations manager, David Hale, explained:”This is not the first time we’ve had to supply such a large boom for work on the fish docks. For us, it’s all about carrying out a site survey and providing a piece of equipment that is safe and appropriate for the planned work. In addition, thanks to our one-stop shop mentality, we were also able to provide accredited training for the contractors.”